SecureX Network Security

SecureX has been providing expert IT security products, services and solutions to the Global 2000 community for over a decade. From the basic to the ultra-secure we provide our clientele with a level of service unmatched by any firm in our industry.

Securex knows that each client has different needs and we work closely with each client so that we can recommend the best possible solutions. We use only the most current products and methodologies to bring only the best to our clientele.

Firewall/VPN Solutions
Implement or enchance corporate firewall platform. Design and implement site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions.

Security Vulnerability Assessments
Review current or planned security policies and Internet architecture, with specific recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities.

Security Policy
Devise security policies using RFC 1244 guidelines.

Intrusion Detection Systems
Install and configure intrusion detection sensor software and hardware.

Endpoint Security
The fight against malware has not stood still, and we deliver solutions backed with industry-leading research, and machine efficiency. Solutions include Anti Malware, Email Appliances, Web Security and Policy Enforcement, NAC
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Management and Control of Windows Desktop and Applications, Compliance and Security
With Terra Certa TC1 we deliver unprecedented Visibility and Control of the Windows Desktop, ranging from Application Control to a customizable locked-down desktop, and the ability to permit specific applications, update processes etc., while closing the Zero Day vulnerability which is by definition left by signature based defenses.
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