EVENT HORIZON: The Boundary of Your Network's Security

Network Security
Itís no secret that network security has become a critical business requirement. According to the FBI and the Computer Security Institute, more than one-third of companies in the United States say that outsiders penetrated their computer systems in 2000. The cost was upwards of $10 billion. Factor in computer viruses and the total zooms another $15 billion—to $25 billion in total losses directly attributable to attack and misuse directed against key business data resources.

The Solution
Bit by Bit delivers business-oriented security management solutions that directly address these common challenges. Bit by Bit approaches network security through a complete lifecycle analysis, offering a managed solution that covers the full continuum of security requirements. This standards-based approach creates a continuous cycle of information security centered on five complementary areas: assessment, design, deployment, management, education and support.

The Event Horizon Security Audit
Bit by Bit has developed a Security Vulnerability Assessment footprint unique in the industry, called Event Horizon. Using a host of tools, such as nMap, Retina, Cisco Secure, Whisker and a proven business-oriented approach, Bit by Bit provides your organization with a complete picture of your companyís security landscape and recommendations on how to enhance security.

Security Policy
Bit by Bit has developed OCC Compliant Security Policies for banks, financial institutions and corporations who are serious about the security of their corporate network.

Intrusion Detection Systems
Bit by Bit can install and configure intrusion detection sensor software and hardware solutions.

Bit by Bit has a best-of-breed approach to network security. Not every product is right for every environment. Therefore, Bit by Bit can work with your organization to find the right fit of cost effective security products and services. Bit by Bit has the following partnerships to deliver on this:
  • Cisco Premier Partners
  • Checkpoint Premier Partners
  • Nokia Premier Partners
  • Sonicwall Preferred Partners
  • ISS Partners

Why Bit by Bit?
Bit by Bitís Network Security Team has evaluated the range of security products, from corporate to small business solutions. Our security experts have worked on developing and improving our security audit approach and have designed and implemented firewall and VPN solutions.

As Bit by Bit does not espouse a particular product, we can assist you with an objective business-oriented solution. From the results of our audits, we are not motivated to promote, for example, one intrusion detection platform over another, unless there is a good business reason.

In addition, Bit by Bit offers the maximum level of flexibility to our clients. We are looking for long-term relationships that extend beyond the initial engagement. Our goal is to deliver complete customer satisfaction, not to just get the job done. Part of the work that we perform is a knowledge transfer. After all, security is not a product it is a dynamically changing system that requires continual analysis.