Bit by Bit, working with leading software manufacturers, provides innovative network phone solutions that cost-effectively bring the sophistication of computer telephony to small and medium-sized businesses. Featuring full voice-mail, auto-attendant, call forwarding and desktop call control functionality, these fully scalable systems are designed to grow to meet your company's evolving needs.

NT/ Win 2K Based Phone Systems
Our solutions have several distinct advantages over traditional PBX systems:

Our solutions Are Microsoft NT/Windows 2000 Based—This familiar, easy to use platform makes administration of your phone system quick and easy. You will no longer be at the whim of your provider to add users and change preferences on the system

Our solutions are non-proprietary—These "open-systems" allow users to benefit from further advancements in technology by adding functionality to the system over time. You will have the ability to add "off the shelf" applications and functionality as your needs grow without having to upgrade or replace your whole system.

Our solutions are scalable—Adding users or additional phone lines is simple and inexpensive. Bit by Bit's phone systems are designed to grow in size along with your company.

These systems offer an extremely robust feature set as well:
Full Featured PBX—Our systems include the switching capability found in legacy PBX or key phone systems (call forwarding, conference calling, call forwarding) plus much more.

Automated Attendant—The automated attendant in our systems can be used primary or secondary to a live operator. You can offer different greetings and options based on time of day, day of the week or phone line the call was received on. You can also dial by name or consult a name directory service on the system.

Voice Mail
Our solutions provide extremely robust and easy to use voice mail capability. Key features include:

Message Management—delete, replay, save, review, forward, reply

Boomerang—call person that left a message by pressing one key and then return to voice mail after completing the call.

Message Notification—to extension, pager or external phone number

Private Messaging—leave a private message for an expected caller who is hard to get a hold of.

Urgent or Future Delivery

Make a Call from Voice Mail—allows mobile workers and telecommuters to benefit from corporate phone rates when away from the office

Reminder Calls

Email Integration—Leverage the flexibility of integrated messaging, having access to your voicemail deliverd to your email box as a standard wav attachment.

Desktop PC call Control—take, transfer, conference and manage voicemail all from your PC desttop with your Grapical User Interface Clients (GUI). See who is calling, what number they are calling in on and handle calls all with the click of a mouse

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)—All of our systems come with Workgroups and Call Queuing capability for informal call center applications. When no one is available in a workgroup, calls are placed into queue and distributed on a first available member or round robin basis.

We also offer Full Featured call Center products for those companies whose needs surpass that of our out of the box ACD functionality

Web Based Call management—access your user options from any browser any where! Change forwarding, notification and other user options all directly from a web based interface- Great for mobile employees.

Graphical System Administration—Easy-to-use windows interface make administration a breeze. Manage the moves, adds, changes and user settings with the click of a button.

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