What is Unified Messaging?
Unified Messaging is an application built to be included in data systems with a wide range of goals. All your voice, email, fax or data messages are consolidated in a single inbox. These messages are accessible [to you] from your desktop, PC, telephone, laptop, or wireless PDA. From your desktop, browser or hand-held device anywhere, you can see or hear your messages regardless of what medium they are in. Or using any telephone, you can hear your voice messages, or even have faxes and e-mail messages faxed or read to you.

Bit by Bit, working with market leading software and hardware vendors, has put together Unified Messaging offerings that will help guide your mobile business strategy. Our solution offerings allow mobile employees to access and interact with important information and existing applications from any device with no learning curve.

UM solutions offer your organization greater efficiency and more ways to communicate while leveraging your existing PBX, wireless device and Email server investments. Bit by Bit's solution offerings let you receive information the way you require when you require it wherever you are. You have full access to all messages, all the time from any device.

Bit by Bit UM solutions offer a single multimedia mailbox that can be reached from any PC, telephone or wireless device. All of your messages (email, fax, voicemail) can be easily accessed, created, sent and printed without concern for the receiving device.

Our solutions are designed to be scalable and offer the same ease of implementation that exists on your corporate desktop. Whether you are looking to roll out a Unified messaging solution for testing and development or one that will support thousands of users enterprise wide, Bit by Bit can provide you with access to all of your Voicemail, email, faxes and other corporate information and resources.

Bit by Bit UM solutions provide mobile access to electronic mail and other services available on the Internet, Corporate Intranet, and other information systems. Our solutions also provide the key security elements of integrity, confidentiality and authentication.

Increase productivity with Bit by Bit wireless solutions for mobile users. Bit by Bit's solutions include software, hardware and services.