Unleashing the Power of the Internet
You may be a fresh new start-up firm or a small company with big plans and goals.

Whatever your size or industry, harnessing information technology is key to your success. To compete and grow, you need every business tool the Internet offers.

That's where Bit By Bit's Appsourcing program comes in. As your Application Service Provider (ASP), we'll give you access to today's most advanced Internet solutions and turnkey IT support at a surprisingly low cost.

What is an ASP?
Application Service Providers offer customers the ability to access applications at a low monthly fee. The applications reside on secure, robust internet servers. The ASP is responsible for maintaining and updating the software, managing the hardware, and providing round-the-clock reliable access to the applications. Customers access the software securely and easily through the Internet. They make low monthly payments that represent a significant savings over buying and supporting the software themselves, making it possible to run software they couldn't otherwise afford.